If you are involved in a family law matter, you have certain rights under the law. However, to preserve your rights, you must pay attention to certain time limits. This document sets out some deadlines and time limits that may apply to you, and we have made it available in 6 languages.

Please note that this is for reference and information only; it is not legal advice. You should speak to a lawyer for advice on any deadlines that may apply to your own situation and what steps you may need to take.

English: Time Limits in BC Family Law-2021-English-WEB-RiseWomensLegal

French: Time Limits in BC Family Law-2021-French-WEB-RiseWomensLegal

Chinese (Simplified): Time Limits in BC Family Law-2021-SimplifiedChinese-WEB-RiseWomensLegal

Persian: Time Limits in BC Family Law-2021-Persian-WEB-RiseWomensLegal

Punjabi: Time Limits in BC Family Law-2021-Punjabi-WEB-RiseWomensLegal

Spanish: Time Limits in BC Family Law-2021-Spanish-WEB-RiseWomensLegal

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