Please read the important information below and complete the intake form.


Please read the important information below and complete the intake form.


Computer use can be monitored and it is impossible to completely clear all data related to your computer activity, and there may also be safety concerns if someone is able to access your email account.

If you are concerned about safety, please use a safe computer such as a public terminal at a library or community organization, and ensure that your passwords are secure. If you have concerns about using your email please come to our office or phone us.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

Thank you for contacting Rise.


We hope we can help you, but first, here is some important information. PLEASE READ. 


Who Rise Can Help

Rise is only able to provide services in family law matters, such as divorce, custody, protection orders, child support, spousal support, and other matters covered under the Family Law Act or the Divorce Act.

We may consider H&C applications under some circumstances, but often clients are better served by organizations such as Immigration & Refugee Legal Centre or the Migrant Workers Centre whose focus is immigration-related matters.

Our substantive legal services are typically for clients who bring home less than:

  • $45k for a single person
  • $54k for a 2 person household
  • $67k for a 3 person household
  • $84k for a 4 person household
  • $95K for a 5 person household
  • $105k for a 6 person household, and
  • $115k for a 7+ person household

These amounts are based on 200% of the federal low income cut-off guideline. We strive to be flexible and reasonable: we deduct expenses such as child care, and do not include Canada Child Benefits when considering eligible income.

Rise is not able to accept files concerning criminal defence, employment, wills & estates, or any other areas of law.

Who Will Assist You

Rise is a teaching clinic. If we are able to help you, you will likely be served by a trained and supervised law student, or by a paralegal professional. Some services such as summary advice may be delivered by a lawyer directly. Rise will determine what services suit your situation best, and who should deliver them.

Lawyer Referrals

If you would like information on finding a lawyer, please email [email protected] with the subject line  “Information on finding a lawyer” and indicate if you have a legal aid certificate or if you are paying privately.

Rise’s Range of Services

Rise has a robust triage and navigation system to ensure clients receive the best services, no matter what their situation. Rise can provide a range of services, including summary advice, limited unbundled legal services, and referrals to other organizations. After assessing your individual situation, Rise will determine the type and level of assistance we are able to provide. Rise must also consider our current capacity at the time of request, as sometimes we are not able to provide appropriate assistance for capacity reasons.

All service decisions will be made at Rise’s sole discretion.

How to Request Service

Your first point of contact will be with one of our experienced legal navigators, who will take time to speak with you and unpack your particular legal situation. Your legal navigator will ask questions to determine the legal issue(s) you have, the likely legal outcome(s), and what resources are best suited to your situation, which may or may not be Rise-based resources.

Booking an appointment to speak with a legal navigator may take a few weeks. If you need urgent help, we recommend contacting:

  • Legal Aid BC, for legal advice or representation. They can be reached by phone at 604-408-2172 or 1-866-577-2525.
    PLEASE NOTE: Legal Aid BC is the only service in British Columbia that provides free representation by lawyers in family law matters.
  • A legal information outreach worker may also be able to provide legal information and resources on a wide range of legal issues, even for those not eligible for other Legal Aid BC services.  You can contact them at 604-601-6166 or click here.

For your matter to move forward you must complete the intake form and then book a navigation phone appointment. Please complete the intake form by clicking the button below. Once you complete the form and click SUBMIT, you will receive an automatic reply to the email address that you provide, with instructions on how to book an intake appointment to speak with a legal navigator by phone.

Please note: because Rise is a teaching clinic, your intake call may be conducted or shadowed by a social work practicum student under the close supervision of our case manager.

Please complete the intake form by clicking the button below.




Please email [email protected]
or call us at 236-317-9000.

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